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Ibanda North Race; Semakula Jibril Still ahead of Incumbent Guma and NRM flag bearer Kyoma Xavier with his Tumurwaze program.

By Our Reporter  


Ibanda North Race to parliament is changing course as the waves brow towards the new Kid on the block Ssemakula Jibrill Owomugisha who seems to be leading one of the long-serving Mp and Incumbent Maj. Guma Gumisiriza and the NRM flag Bearer Kyoma Akampurira Xavier appear to be out of date although they are 4 in the race.

According to respondents mostly women and youth who are about 345 from different parts of Ishongororo Town, Nyamarebe, Kijongwe, kiburara which are some of the parts of Ibanda North indicated that Ssemakula Jibril and his Tumurwaze Program which includes providing necessary pieces of equipment in health centers and transporting patients to hospitals around the district.

They further added that he has also encouraged people to practice new methods of farming and provided them with different types of seedlings for families to boost their agriculture production and improve their welfare for home consumption and surplus for sell as the president indicated.

Hon. Jibril providing seedlings to some of the farmers in ibanda North

They also revealed that the other two parties are still stuck on their usual fights on who solicited for power and other developed facilities in the area and foregone peoples interests of improving health facilities which are the most needed section in the area.



  1. Let Hon.Jibril Semakura Owomigisha move the 11th Parliament of Uganda because *He’s young, strategic and determined. Hon.Dr.Semakura Jibril Owomugisha our aspiring Mp Ibanda North county 2021/26 humbly request your support towards his being your legislator in 11th parliament. He has proved his abilities and capabilities to serve us at his early age “Emiiti Emiito Niyo Egumya Ekiibira”. As we tend to secure our future, let’s secure the future of Ibanda North county by voting this generation leader. He has served as an example to many by deciding to stand and outcompete his fathers in Politics of Ibanda North county both ideologically and systemically if it comes to change Ibanda North county. Supporting him is our only option.*


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