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Religious Leaders Protest over EACOP Project

By Jimmy Muhumuza 


Residents from the Hoima area where the oil pipeline will pass have appealed to President M7 to intervene in EACOP compensation fare so that they can be compensated fairly.

They, along with religious leaders from the Green Faith, said the government has started issuing land titles on their land where the pipeline will pass but many have not been paid and those who have been compensated have been given shelters.

Rev Fred Musimenta, one of the residents who refused the money, said he could not accept the shs 3.5 million given to him by the government for an acre of land when in their area an acre costs between shs15 million and shs 20 million.

He said the Govt wants to take their land for free by forcing them to accept the low offer.

Pastor Jane Kampiire said the pipeline runs right in front of her church but the Govt refused to compensate her.

Rev Borald Matovu, who led the protest, said they have also faced threats from every resident who mentions the word oil.

He added that according to researchers, oil is harmful to men’s environment by reducing their potency as well as causing women to have premature babies.

He also gave the example of the Niger Delta where oil is being drilled, and its residents do not have Peace.

They have urged President YKM7 to stop the oil drilling early and invest the money in other things that will benefit all citizens.



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