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Rhinos in Entebbe Zoo Resort to family planning to enjoy mating.

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This was revealed by Entebbe Zoo Boss (UWEC) James Musinguzi during their interactions with members of parliament sitting on the COSASE committee chaired by Hon Medard Lubega Sseggona to answer queries raised in the auditor general report.

The officials were asked why the number of animals in the zoo is not increasing compared to previous years.

“for us, in a place where we invest money we expect a return, so we have been giving you money for the past years but the number of animals is not increasing,” says Hon Medard Lubega Sseggona.

some of the MPs during the meetting

In reply, the zoo boss Musinguzi revealed that the rhinos they have are mating but not producing, and they are researching to find out the cause.

“The rhinos mate well and we think that there might be hormonal imbalance recently we requested money to carry out research and find out the cause but we think that since they are of the same family we are likely to introduce an outside rhino to bring competition,” says James Musinguzi

other members from Entebbe Zoo

The chair wondered if they have tried other means to get results because the government is losing money through the project.

Musinguzi replied that this is their next plan since they are not getting results they are working on plans to see that even the number of lions, tigers, rhinos, and other animal species that have been reduced in the national parks is increased to attract more tourists to these areas.

He also added that they are affected by merging since some workers don’t know where they belong and called upon the government to work out their plans quickly to allow them to do their work.



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