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Ibanda district hosts this year’s anti-corruption day commemoration  

By Lawrence Mucunguzi


Uganda’s International Anti-Corruption Day will be commemorated on Friday 9th December 2022 in Ibanda District. 

While addressing the media during a press briefing in Ibanda on Wednesday, Peter Mwebesa, the Manager of research and planning in the Office of the Inspectorate of Government said Ibanda District was chosen to host the commemoration because, in the 2O2l performance appraisal, it was rated the best performing Local Government in service delivery. 

According to Mwebesa, On International Anti-Corruption day, 9th December 2022, the activities will begin with a Procession through Ibanda Town. Thereafter a Rally will be held at Ibanda Integrated Primary School Grounds, where an Exhibition will also be held by the Anti-Corruption Agencies, Local Governments, and Non-State Actors.

 His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda was invited as the Chief Guest, but due to earlier scheduled engagements, has delegated Hon. Norbert Mao, the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs presided over the Commemoration. 

“The Expected outcome of the Anti-Corruption Campaign is improved citizen participation in Anti-corruption initiatives; improved transparency and accountability in the delivery of public services; and improved service delivery”, Said Mwebesa.


Farouk Kayondo the deputy spokesperson of the IGG said the theme for this year’s Anti-Corruption Campaign is “Citizens must Own the War to Eliminate Corruption- It is their war”) The objective is to make the war against corruption a people’s war rather than a Government war.

Leaders speak out.

Happy Herbet Mayanja the Ibanda district chairperson says the day’s celebrations will empower leaders to effectively participate and mobilize citizens in the war against corruption.

“The celebrations will go a long way in supplementing our efforts to foster transparency, accountability and Utilization of public funds and ultimately lead to better service delivery”, says Mayanja. 

Benon Keimutsya the Bufunda Division chairperson says the day is going to help in the raising of awareness about the dangers of corruption.

About the day 

In 20O3, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution designated 9ft December as International Anti-Corruption Day, for a global observance to promote awareness about corruption, its dangers, and how to prevent and combat it. Since then, the Anti-Corruption Agencies in Uganda together with their stakeholders commemorate the day annually. This is done through a series of activities to increase public awareness about the evils of corruption, and to promote public participation in the fight against



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