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Gov’t to close and revoke licenses of 13 technical institutions engaging in examination malpractice.

By Muhumuza Jimmy 


The state minister of education in charge of higher institutions of learning John.C. Muyingo has revealed that his ministry is going to start revoking Uganda business and technical examination board licenses from all higher institutions of learning whose leaders will be found helping students to engage in examination malpractice. 

Minister Muyingo said this while releasing the Uganda Business and examination board April –May at the president’s office in Kampala and he noted that it is quite a shaming that whenever he is releasing the UBTEB exams there are some students their exams have been withheld because of examination malpractice.

Minister Muyingo also noted they are going to start closing all those institutions found engaging in examination malpractice noting that it is the only way they are going to curb that vice of students cheating exams.

UBTEB 2023 Examination results released today at office of the president

 His concern came after finding out that in the just-released April-May UBTEB exams 42 students’ exams were withheld and canceled because of examination malpractice.

 The minister also appealed to the owners of factories to help and offer free industrial training placements to all business and technical students noting that many have failed to graduate or to get their completion certificates just because they have not taken their internship one of the requirements to complete any course. 

The executive secretary of Uganda Business and technical examination board Onesmus Oyesigye noted that 13768 registered to sit the exams from 262 centers and over 4000 students never turned up to sit for exams because of financial issues.

 He also revealed that in the recently released exams, the female candidates performed better than the male candidates both in business and in technical courses which is a sign that now the girl child has started embracing the technical courses.

 Oyesgye also revealed that they have a problem with institutions that forward fake candidates to sit exams for others noting that they have got new regulations and that anyone who will be found trying to cheat exams all his or her exams will be canceled.



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