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OPINION: Reasons why PDM Program implementation might suffer in vain.

By Mwongera Eustachio

PDM Program, 

Let me make some constructive criticism on issues regarding parish development model (pdm) implementation. In the sequel to the president’s address to the parliament on 16t April, the pdm implementation might suffer in vain.

It’s absolutely apparent that President Museveni has contributed a lot towards the development of our nation. He is willing to uplift everyone’s well-being despite their status quo. The sad news is that the president is let down by the people put in charge of government program implementation. A case in point is the Entandikwa program. When the funds reached the district level, it was divided amongst the sub-county chiefs and other stakeholders. The so-called implementers disbursed the funds amongst themselves.

It was hard to recover the funds for there was no one to pay back since the implementers were the beneficiaries. How does one recover funds from himself?

I would like to give credit to the innovative efforts of selfless and hardworking people like Professor Ephraim Kamuntu and honorable Mary Amajo who at that time were working with a private sector development program. The two came up with the idea of village banking which they promoted with the assistance of UNDP.

Professor Ephraim Kamuntu identified four local innovative savings and credit institutions namely: ISSIA village bank(Ibanda), suuku and Muhame village bank (Sheema), and Elgon village bank ( Mbale).

These four became the genesis of what is now known as SACCOs in Uganda having been officially launched by the late honorable minister Manzi Tumuboine.

In allusion to the president’s address on 16th April, he requested members of parliament to head and monitor the PDM implementation closely. To my surprise, our beloved president still thinks that those who join politics nowadays cultivate interest in those who elected them. He hardly knows that politics is now perceived as a platform through which money can be quickly accumulated. This is disgustingly unscrupulous and paradoxical! There is no doubt that those put in charge of PDM implementation will kill it!

Dear editor, as my discussion draws toward the end, allow me to make a modest proposal. Following the successful Village banking concept of honorable Ephraim Kamuntu, which later became successful, let us go back to the drawing board and make use of these exemplary individuals when they are still alive! Let us delegate them to help in the aforesaid implementation courtesy of their moral and intellectual support.

Hon Kamuntu and Mary Amajo among other extraordinary implementers can help implement and manage government programs that can benefit the local citizens that our beloved president is struggling to elevate from the vicious circle of poverty.

In case things are taken for granted, the funds will fall into the same trap of the Entandikwa scheme. Mr. President’s efforts will still suffer in vain for the money will be taken by the so-called greedy and murky implementers! I come in peace. For God and my country!



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