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Modernity versus nature and morality

By Mwongyera Eustakio

Moral and environmental advocate

    The World is suffering due to technological advancement. Though it has made life simpler, it has led to air, soil, and plastic pollution. It has led to food and life contamination.

     Modern communication and technological innovation have led to moral radicalism. The world has got intoxicated by the above. Scientists have increasingly doubted the existence of God since they can’t prove it by any scientific methods. 

    The above development has made people turn away from God. Sin is now flooding like water. 

Man’s reckless conduct hurts the environment and climate. The solution is moral revival, spiritual renewal, and abiding by God’s holy commandments.

    Technology must harmonize with nature. Poor agricultural and mining practices have become disastrous to the environment and climate. 

Man must urgently rethink his relationship with Mother Nature lest doom is at hand. Let’s pray for world peace.



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