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President Yoweri Museveni Warns Against Factions Within the NRM Party.

By Jimmy Twist


Museveni says NRM MPs were divided during the voting of the speaker and Deputy Speaker but after talking to a number of them they agreed to vote according to the party decision.

Museveni says that it’s important that all the NRM people are treated equally.

This while addressing NRM Caucus at Kololo Airstrip. 

The NRM parliamentary caucus also approves a proposal enabling the president to appoint 80 ministers in the next cabinet to be announced at any time.

In the last term of office cabinet posts were 79 but now the president seeks to add one more post under the state ministers but under the new proposal there will be 29 cabinet and 51 state ministers.

Although the constitution allows the president to name only 42 ministers of whom 21 are full ministers and 21 state ministers, more are added without the constitutional amendment but through a formal motion in parliament.

The president requested the NRM members in parliament not to oppose this motion when it is fronted in parliament.

He said that he will give the reasons for adding a new slot for the minister of state later.



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