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Government Chief Whip Designates 22 Members of Parliament to work as Regional and Committee whips.

By jimmy Muhumuza


Government chief whip Thomas Tayebwa has designated 22 members of parliament to work as regional and committee whips

Tayebwa says that the appointed whips are going to assist his office to coordinate and whip members of parliament in their respective regions.

The appointed mps include Matheniko county mp Looki John Bosco for Karamoja,Usuk county mp Okiror John for Teso,Gogonya county mp Orone Derrick FOR Bukedi,Kween county Chemonges Williams for Sebei region.

The Bushigai county mp Wakikona David for Bugishu, Bugabula south mp Maurice Kibalya for Busoga, Kwania county mp Ayoo Tonny for Lango, Agago west mp Anywar Richard for Acaholi.

Arua central mp Atim JACKOSN IS FOR West nile, lwengo woman mp for greater maska, Gomba woman mp Nayebale Sylvia for central Buganda.

national female youth mp Nyamutoro Phiona in charge of special interest group, Bukoto mid west MP is charge of committee for government assurance , Bugiri woman mp Taaka Agnes is for Local government accounts, Kazo county mp Dan Kimosho for COSASE  and Tororo south mp Angura Fredrick for PAC.



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