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Ibanda District leaders and Employees Schooled on Patriotism.

By Lawrence Mucunguzi, 


70 members of the Ibanda local government’s top leadership and personnel have received patriotic training to strengthen their attitude and approach to nation-building.

 The introduction training, according to Kweyamba Ruhemba, the Chief Administrative Officer, was also designed to foster teamwork among district staff.

 Attendees included department heads, sub-county chiefs, sector leaders, members of the district executive committee, and sub-county chairpersons.

The training.

The five-day training at Ibanda district headquarters, which concluded on Friday, 16th, was organized by the National Secretariat for Patriotic Corps-NSPC and the Ibanda district local government.

 The training was carried out in close collaboration with the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, which are part of the president’s office.

 According to Maj. Abert Arinaitwe Tibs, the NSPC Communications officer, of the Ibanda district administration, requested the training in writing to the NSPC secretariat and received an affirmative response.

The best female participant of the training receiving a a certificate. Photo by Lawrence Mucunguzi

 In addition to daily physical workouts and parade maneuvers, the training included introductions to patriotism studies, political economy, the Constitution, emotional intelligence, and opportunity harnessing, among other things.

 Brigadier General Patrick Mwesigye, the NSPC commissioner, stated in his address to the participants that for Uganda to achieve transformation, people’s mindsets must be changed for them to understand their society. He said similar pieces of training will continue to take place for the betterment of the county and national building. 

 Participants speak out

According to Aloysius Kasingye, the Ibanda’s principal human resource officer, the course has enlightened them on democratic leadership, allowing them to improve and address any leadership gaps that may have existed in their leadership and administration.

 “The drills have been so exciting, dynamic, and fun with such wonderful instructors.” We have gained physical fitness and discipline, which we will maintain even after this training,” he said.

Some of the district staff that attended the training

 Hassan Mugabe, Chairperson of the Ishongororo Town Council, stated that patriotism training was essential because it instilled leadership skills in them.

 “Through patriotism, we have also learned more about our roles as citizens and future leaders in defending and protecting our nation peacefully,” Mugabe said.

 The program 

H.E. The President of Uganda established the National Secretariat for Patriotic Corps, or NSPC, in 2009. With the mission of developing and coordinating Patriotism clubs in all post-primary schools and institutions across the country. 

 It is a department within the President’s Office that is in charge of promoting patriotism in schools. The ultimate goal of this program is to produce a new breed of enlightened citizens who are 

 committed to the national cause and willing to make sacrifices for the country.

 The program’s goal is to develop responsible citizens, a new generation with a positive attitude towards their country, themselves, and their families.



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