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Opinion: Stop the blame game, and instead join efforts to preserve our environment.

By Mwongyera Eustakio.

I have come to plead for silent Mother Nature. While it is a natural phenomenon for the wind to blow where it wills, man’s behavior towards his neighbor and Mother Nature remains unpredictable.

You and I seem to be chasing the wind in our sinister plans done in the dark to harm our innocent brothers and sisters who are in deep slumber.

The objective truth reveals that man is the most dangerous creature on earth. He plans good and evil alike and his hypocrisy towards his neighbor and Mother Nature may any time from now destroy the universe.

Mother Nature is silent but her anger is unbearable to the foolish man for his ignorance. Join me people of good and sincere hearts. With good will, let’s wage war against behavioral and climate change. As parents, we must strive to regain control over our radical children. Global radicalism is the underlying cause of current catastrophic wars.

Let us instill a seed of humanity in our children for what we sow is what we reap. A stick bends best when it is still fresh. When it gets dry, it breaks. So time is now to make our children become responsible citizens who will promote and maintain peace and order in the universe. Don’t let the situation run out of hand.

Political and religious leaders should join this struggle.

Let’s stop the blame game and instead join efforts to preserve our environment. Let us stop deforestation, and swamp reclamation, and restore the already damaged natural resources.

The use of polythene bags and plastic materials should be stopped or they are disposed of properly. We should all be agents of positive change. Conservation of agriculture and renewable energy is the way to go. Let’s save Mother Nature on whom we feed.

The rapacious and unscrupulous people engage in wars and weapons of mass destruction. Neither do they think about other people’s lives, their environment, and their climate? We must be well equipped with our intellectual weapons to fight back the ravaging winds, floods, unpredictable dry spells, changing weather patterns, and finally, the reckless human behavior that threatens to exterminate life on earth.

As I conclude my advocacy, l humbly call upon developed and rich nations to rethink and divert their huge budgets from destructive wars like the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and fund the war on behavioral and climate change.

Author.The dawn, Vision for national justice.

Moral and Environmental advocate.



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