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UNRA Boss Gives Ultimatum to French Firm to fix Lights on Entebbe Express

By Jimmy Muhumuza 


Uganda National Roads Authority has given EGIS a french firm an Ultimatum of up to 30 December 2022 to fix lightning systems on the Entebbe express 51km highway road. The concerns follow querries from members of the committee of Commission statutory authority and state enterprises on the endless road accidents and robbery ever since it was opened in 2019.

The committee of commissions statutory authority and state enterprises chaired by Joel Ssenyonyi continues to scrutinize the Auditor generals report 2020/21 of Ugandan National Roads Authority and among the key issues discussed included unfinished works for the installation of lights on the highway. 

The 51km road in question took a whooping shs.1.8trillion from the Exim bank of china with support from the government of Uganda and has been a death trap and robbery to innocent Ugandans. 

Committee members also queried why UNRA subcontracted EGIS a french firm on maintenance of the road, drainage, IT system management, and collection of toll fees without giving priority to the local firms. It’s estimated that the french firm collects shs.2.9bn and shs.1bn is used on the above-listed items monthly. 

Other concerns by committee members include the unresolved transfer of land titles after subdivision. It’s estimated that Uganda National roads Authority has failed to transfer close to 990 land titles. 

The investigation continues tomorrow. 



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