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IGG Sanctions Corruption Probe into DIT

By Muhumuza Jimmy


The inspector general of government (IGG) Betty Kamya has sanctioned a special investigation into the alleged corruption cases in the Directorate of Industrial Training-DIT after receiving intelligence information from a whistleblower. 

Kamya stormed the entity today without notice and found many offices locked during official working hours.

At exactly 8 a.m. the Inspector General of Government Betty Kamya was at the gate of the Directorate of Industrial Training(DIT) in Industrial Area Kampala for an impromptu cost that took staff by surprise. Kamya found most offices still closed during official working hours with none of the top management available in the office. 

She took a tour of the premises while chatting with other officers who had made it to work on time till towards 9 a.m. when the director of the DIT Patrick Byakatonda showed up.

Kamya called for a general meeting with all members of the staff of DIT and preached the gospel of fighting corruption. She warned that those who are shying away from embracing the struggle against graft, will catch up with them when they go auto to seek public services like health.

Kamya noted that her impromptu visit to DIT was not a fishing expedition, saying they received information from whistle-blowers about mismanagement of funds, fraud in staff recruitment, and impropriety by officials in the entity and they decided to sanction an investigation. 

She constituted two teams composed of special investigation experts to investigate; first, the procurement plans and budgets of the entity while team two was tasked to investigate Administration, Human Resources, and governance issues.

Kamya rallied staff to take advantage of the Whistleblowers Act which provides a 5% reward to a person who volunteers information that helps the government to recover stolen money. She urged them to use it to fight corruption while making money.

The director of the directorate of industrial training – DIT Patrick Byakatonda pledged to work with the investigating teams in the course of the probe to ensure they get whatever information is required. He however decried the limited staffing of the entity with only 20 staff on the government payroll despite the increased magnitude of work.

The IGG has allocated her team only one month to conclude this investigation and vowed to continue with impromptu visits to other government agencies. 



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