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Struggle for Property Escalates in Tycoon Kiwanuka’s Family.

By our Reporter 

Newsfeed has learned that the health conditions of Mr. Mohan Kiwanuka are worsening starting from early this year, according to the inside source, and that he can hardly understand what is going on.

Sources from the one family of Tycoon (children) Kiwanuka revealed that their father suffered from Alzheimer which affected his memory and has been subjected to treatment from home on orders of former minister of Finance Maria Kiwanuka 

According to the family of the old wife, they claim that their father deserves better treatment but chances are slim because of her newly introduced second wife Maria Kiwanuka who claims to be the right woman 

The family also accuses Maria Kiwanuka and her son Mr. Musisi Eddin of taking control of the property while using the powers of attorney

They also revealed that Beatrice Kavuma Kiwanuka is the rightful wedded wife of Tycoon Kiwanuka but they say that it was overturned by Maria Kiwanuka (second wife) who took over everything 

It is said that Mohan wedded Kavuma in 1986 in the United States of America and they started falling apart when Mohan got another wife (Maria Kiwanuka) and she even evicted them from their family properties 

Ms Beatrice Kiwanuka says Maria has since denied her and her children access to tycoon Kiwanuka.

Other family members of Tycoon Kiwanuka also added that they learned that their brother suffered from Dementia 

Yudaya Nsereko, who is a retired certified Dementia caregiver who worked with the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom, where she worked for over 32 years, claims that she used her experience and expertise to establish that her brother was suffering from a mental related problem and needed emergency medical care.

In 2017, Kiwanuka traveled to the United Kingdom together with his wife Maria for his annual medical check-up and when they invited her to see them, she was told that Dr. Farook Maniyar, a celebrated psychiatrist had examined him and confirmed that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s but it was in the early stages with an Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Assessment Score of 77.

 Yudaya said that while in the United Kingdom, Dr. Maniyar gave Kiwanuka some medication to slow down his memory impairment, and a few months later he returned for a follow-up.

 Yudaya said that when she returned to Uganda in 2019, she found out that Kiwanuka’s condition had significantly worsened.

Our sources also obtained documents showing that Kiwanuka, with the help of his lawyer Dr. Faisal Mukasa of Fides Legal Advocates appointed and gave Powers of Attorney to his wife Maria Nabasirye Kiwanuka, his son Eddin Musisi Kiwanuka, Bawa Batenda and his uncle Dr. Muhammad Buwule Kasasa to run his run multi-billion empire.

According to the powers of attorney filed at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB), Kiwanuka assigned his appointed attorneys to exercise the powers given to them in his best interest and for his health and welfare.

Kiwanuka’s sisters, his first wife Beatrice Kavuma, and her five children have faulted Maria Kiwanuka for shrewdly taking advantage of the frail mental state Mohan is in to manipulatively get him to sign off many documents in her favor and her children to their detriment regarding his vast estate using a fake marriage certificate purportedly from the United States of America (USA).

In 2019, Mohan Kiwanuka’s son Ssebuliba Jordan Kiwanuka also petitioned the High Court seeking orders to conduct a mental checkup on his father, who he accused of not being fully in control of his mental faculties after his father stopped him from the management of the 32 companies, something believed to have been orchestrated by powerful Maria Kiwanuka.



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