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The Lent Season; A Kind Remember

Mwongyera Eustakio 

 Some time back, I was one of the few privileged in our village; located in Ibanda District, western Uganda. I was privileged in the sense that I had gone to school and graduated. I thereafter decided to render monumental services to my people. little did I know that my efforts were to suffer in vain.

 well, we can hardly fathom what others think and feel about us. Only God knows why! Some wish us well while the majority do the opposite. What a desperate realization! I also learnt that no matter what you face in life, it is absolutely important to move on; for that is the only way out! 

 However, no one is exempt. We all go through a lot in life. Life is a paradox! I worked so hard that I became the dream of every person on the verge of development in my district. I started living a sophisticated life.

 After two years, things started to change. I was now on the horns of a dilemma! I had trekked into a desert of desperation. What a pity!

 I regretted the fact that I had trusted people so much. I began to lose trust in people. I learned the hard way! Succinctly, that is how my good life turned sour courtesy of the people I had put my trust, hope, and love in. My close associates and workmates pushed me into a dark corner.

 I thereafter became the epitome of post-traumatic stress disorder. No one came to my rescue. Not even my close friends! People can mean to be so petty. Everyone had vanished!

 I disgustingly learned that life is a mirage. Life is an illusion. No matter how fast you can run after it, everything becomes profusely elusive in the end. Life is likened to a moving train; others get in, as others alight. Some are empty-handed, others enjoying! Life is hard when one becomes a victim of filial ingratitude; that is when the people you helped betray you vividly!

 I tried to meditate. I pondered and cogitated. All of a sudden, I had an encounter. It was an encounter with God! I beheld a ray of beaming light from up yonder. God came to my rescue. Darkness disappeared.

 To you all, the depressed, downtrodden, disillusioned, desperate, and disconsolate, I have a golden message of hope. God knows whatever you are going through and is ready to get you out! Just reach out to him. He is the beginning and the end. Our destiny lies in his hands.

 From the day that God got hold of my hand, my life has been extremely different. His beaming light has never ceased to shine even during my darkest days! My Children, family, and friends can give a testimony. I am no longer a doubting Thomas! I am no longer a slave to the illusion of man’s deeds.

 As my testimony draws to an end, I call upon you all to prepare for the struggle and eternity. For after struggling in this short-lived life, there comes eternity.  

 The Bible tells us that when we die in Christ, we rise with him and receive eternal life. Hell awaits those who go against Christ by mistreating Innocent lives. God invites us all to honestly love and serve one another. So let us pray for the virtue of humility. Let’s pray for the tormented dear ones in Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Ukraine, and Russia. Their leaders are deeply buried in pride, hate, and impunity. Let the leaders all over the world cultivate a sense of humanity. Let them come to the rescue of those in desperate need. 

The blood of the innocent lives being shed all over the world will one day turn against the culprits. You cannot amass wealth and skewed dignity at the expense of innocent lives.

As Easter gets nearer, I call upon everyone in this Global village to join me as we pray for peace and reconciliation. There is an urgent need for a world convention to discuss peace and reconciliation. May the blood of the crucified Christ cleanse us all in body and Spirit. Happy Easter to Everyone.




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