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Opinion Poll Shows Mwine Mpaka to Defeat Opponent Mbarebaki and other two candidate contestants as early as 9 am.

By our Reporter 


According to an opinion poll released in the New vision of 30 December 2020, indicated that Hon Mwine Mpaka Rwamira will attain 89% leaving the other candidates including Emma Mbarebaki, the one Tumusiime, Seth Muyambi, and Kajiko Imam with a choice of sharing the least of the percentage which puts them at risk of getting out of the race by morning hours.

 Mr. Mbarebaki, who participated in the NRM primaries and lost, accused one of the participants and current Western region MP Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama of having cheated him and vowed to return as the biggest threat has now lost the ground unexpectedly as per opinion polls indicate.

Hon Mwine Mpaka revealed to this website that the people of Mbarara chose him as their flag bearer and he is sure 100% they will do it again to make him win with over 95%.

“We all presented our manifesto to people during NRM primaries and people chose the best person who spoke to their minds and some of the candidates who lost in primaries failed to respect the decision of people and returned as independent but we will sanitize them again and I kindly request all my supporters to come and vote for me and president Museveni come 14 January 2020.”

in an interview with Emma Mbarebaki, he revealed that he is sure they will win this time around and they are in the field looking for votes with signs of victory on their side.

“That percentage you sow in the papers was mine and they changed it to Mwine Mpaka, he is weak and be should be the one with 11% because people are supporting me as they did in primaries even if he cheated us but this time around there no chance”.



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