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Vote Jibril other than voting for NRM Flag Bearer who is useless-Maj Guma.

By Our Reporter 


The Incumbent Member of parliament Maj. Guma Gumisiriza who is also one of the longest-serving MPs has advised voters in the Ibanda North constituency to at least vote for Jibril Semakura other than voting for the NRM flag bearer who is caple of doing nothing. 

Guma Reveled this while appearing at Enfurembe radion in Ibanda town 

“ it is of ashame for you people to vote for NRM flag Bearer who will not work for us, you rather Vote this young Man Jibrill and he will be the one to replace me, if am elected again I will make sure that we get our own district.”

he also revealed several grievances citing that Ibanda North was left undeveloped deliberately by some poincianas and that he will die fighting to separate the two constituencies. 

Maj Guma bounced back as independent after suffering a knockout brow in dealy NRM primaries has been for a long time contesting with one term Serving mp Hon Kyoma Xavier who is the current NRM flag bearer seeking for his second term in parliament to finish the unfinished business that he left behind by then. 

Jibril Semakura

Jibril has also emerged as a young politician to come in between the two as anew challenger to cease the long-lasting wars in people of Ibanda North created by the two camps of the Icon members of Ibanda North.



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