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Mbarara city MP Contestant Condemns On Defacing Her Campaign Posters.

Innocent Arinaitwe


As the country is on the climax of the voting process, The Mbarara City woman Mp aspirant on an

Independent ticket Ritah Atukwatsa Bwahika vowed to fight for the seat and retain victory comes 14th January 2020.

Bwahika revealed this while at the launch of her Campaigns that was held at Generation Suites in Mbarara city. She vowed to deal with those people who are planning to disrupt his campaigns and cause harm

to her supporters. 

 She added that a large number of complaints have been brought to her office whereby her opponents are using viral words against her and deface, tear and remove her campaign posters the thing she is handling carefully since she is still collecting enough evidence to pin the people who do such un digressive act.

 “I have been a victim for the past few months and I have received overwhelming complaints from my supporters stretching from Kakoba to Kizengye and across the entire City that their some people who are defacing my posters claiming that I displayed them in town early”

Bwahika appeal to members of the initiative to warn the public and whoever is doing such bad acts

To stop or else legal matters will prevail and not be brutalized and abused by old people and launched her campaign to fulfill the NRM party Manifesto that

was launched last week.



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