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Parliament Pays Tribute to (god) Bishaka.

By Jimmy Twist 


Parliament has today a special sitting to pay tribute to Self proclaimed (god) Bishaka and members applauded him as a man who preached Unity among people and encouraged them to work hard

Speaking on the flow of parliament, the Mp for Buyaga East Mp Hon Musana Erick has revealed that Owobushobozi was the Man who loved Unity and had preached it across Africa.

“ we were not happy with the news concerning the death of Bishaka because he preached gospel about people who blieaved in him to start their own small projects to help their family”.

The Woman Mp for Kyenjojo District Spellanza Baguma has also praised Bishaka as a man who was a disciplined man who loved peace.

“ ‘god’ Bishaka Started Schools , Hospitals skilling training centers among other projects and had established only three days in a months and the rest of days were reserved to work and government should take all these projects because we as the soiety we still need them”

 While the legislator for Kanungu Woman Mp praised Bishaka as a man who had his special powers and could heal people from their problems.

 “ His religion had reached in my district in kanungu and his followers are hard-working and up to now his followers still believe that he is not dead. This was very knowledgeable and his religion had its features and I request the government to continue remembering him and at first people in Kanungu were scared due to Kibwetere factors.

Some of the followers of the late Bishaka in parliamentary

Bisaka had another spiritual experience, which is described by some elders of the movement as a trance-like event where ‘he went to see the Lord of hosts, an experience that lasted for three days.

Bisaka had gathered a large following and he is explicitly believed by followers (Abaikiriza) to be God. The core doctrine of the Faith of Unity is about the divinity of Bisaka.

For about three months Bisaka was hesitant, even afraid, and unsure of what to do, but the voice was repeatedly insistent as well.

 The date for the establishment of the Faith of Unity is 22 February 1980 and it is believed that on this day Bisaka reluctantly touched a young woman suffering from severe and debilitating feverish conditions associated with malaria. She was instantly healed and restored to health

 Bisaka died in the Aga khan hospital in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on January 13th, 2021 but his family remained tight-lipped on the matter and only announced the death on January 23rd, 2021



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