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A Section of MPs Wants parliamentary Task Force Scraped off.

By Jimmy Twist,


A section of members of parliament wants parliament to reconsider its decision to set up the national task force and Regional teams to coordinate the fight against COVID-19.

Yesterday the deputy speaker of parliament Anita Among announced that parliament had set up a national task force and regional committees of over 40mps to coordinate and sensitize the masses on COVID-19 prevention and they are supposed to write a report after two weeks.

The Bubulo East mp John Musira says that these committees are just a wastage of public resources and instead wants parliament to utilize the district health officers to inform them what is happening in the districts.

The Agago North mp Amos Okot says that he doesn’t support the decision to constitute these teams when parliament is not properly constituted saying that this would have been the work of the health committee and not a section of MPs whom they don’t know how they were selected.

The MPs have also opposed the selective distribution of the Covid-19 relief fund saying that COVID-19 is not only affecting people in Cities and municipalities but even rural areas have private teachers, taxi drivers, Boda Boda riders tutors among others they have been affected the same way.



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