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Tourism Minister Martin Argues Ugandans to Embrace Tourism in the country.

By Jimmy Muhumuza 


The state minister of tourism Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Martin Mugarra has requested all public

Servants and politicians from going abroad for holidays so that they can embrace the tourism sector in this country.

 Mugarra noted that Uganda has got very beautiful places where those people and their families can go and get their holidays with and in return Uganda can get revenue which revenue can help in the development of the sector and our country.

 Minister Butime revealed is at the function where the former state Minister for tourism Kiwanda Godfrey has handed over office to his new predecessor Martin Mugara and the function has been at the ministry

 headquarters in Kampala.

 Minister Tom Butime also refuted the allegations that banning air flights is going to affect the country’s tourism sector so much noting that the ban is just season due to covid19 and that soon it will be lifted and the sector will shine again.

 The outgoing state minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda while handing

 over the office, he pledged to Ugandans to continue embracing tourism and he also appealed to them to be positive when while talking about the country’s tourism sector.

 The incoming state minister for tourism Martin Mugara pledged to do his best to take the ministry and the tourism sector forward and he also pledged to always consult his predecessor at all times on how to

 take the ministry forward and on how to promote the projects he has

 found in place.



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