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Museveni Wants Youth to be Ideologically Oriented to Enjoy their Youthfulness


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The NRM presidential flag bearer, President Yoweri Museveni has said Uganda’s youths must ideologically be oriented to enjoy their youthfulness.

“When we talk about youths these days, I hear people just concentrating on biology. These days only talk about youth for age and years(they have). It is very dangerous. For a youth to be useful to himself and country, he or she must be biologically, spiritually, morally, educationally and even technically upright,”

 Museveni said on Tuesday while meeting youth leaders from Bugisu as part of his scientific campaigns.

President Museveni emphasized that having been a youth himself and having youths as children and grandchildren at his home, he very well knows what he is talking about and noted that his advice should not be taken lightly.

The NRM presidential candidate said that at independence, all the leaders were youths but failed to steer the country and finally plunged it into chaos.

“At independence all leaders were youths. Obote was 35, Kakonge was 26, Ibingira and Nekyon were 28. Even Iddi Amin was 39. All these people were young but they failed because they were not prepared. That’s what I don’t want youths especially in the NRM to do.”

The President said problems of Africa for the last 500 years have been political, adding that if youths are not ideologically oriented; the country can’t achieve anything from them.

Museveni cited past governments that he said only focused on politics of identity including tribes and religion that he said saw them collapse.

He however noted that with the orientation of the youths, the country can be saved from a “

 “When we talk of Pan Africanism, it is not in mere words. Pan Africanism is for our survival and not that I love other countries but for our benefit as Uganda. We need them and they need us. These are principles youths of NRM must know and understand.

 You are taking drugs and say you call yourself a youth? We need a disciplined, ideological and spiritual youth,” the NRM presidential candidate told the youths from Busoga.

He urged them to engage in creating wealth for their benefit and their country.

Tomorrow, the NRM Presidential Flagbearer winds up his last leg of his campaign trail in the Bugisu Sub-region. The President will address NRM leaders in Sironko District.



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