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Trade Committee Summons Fort portal city Mayor and his Clerk Over license Fee.

By Jimmy Muhumuza 

Fort portal

The parliamentary committee of trade, tourism, and industry has summoned the fort portal city mayor and his clerk to appear before the committee at parliament on Tuesday and explain the allegations of hiking the license fee on market vendors during the lockdown.

This followed the allegations that license fees in Fort Portal city were increased from 90,000 maximum before lockdown to 190000 annually at the time of lockdown.

In the meeting that was held at Kalya courts hotel in fort portal city between the traders, tax Drivers, landlords among others that was Chaired by Hon Mwine Mpaka,

Committee Members inspecting Katerera Military Barracks that was attacked by Fire

 traders from different markets after being tipped off on the presence of some members of parliament on the committee of trade, tourism, and industry who were in for their concerns about lockdown effects told the committee that initially, they were paying a lenience fee of between 80000 to 100000 but currently, they asked to pay 180000 to 190000 which is beyond their capacity.

With lockdown in place, vendors insist that the city authorities have maintained the increasing demand for the hiked fees which has now become a double tragedy.

I’m addition, the same vendors didn’t have kind words on some financial institutions which are harassing them to pay back their loans threatening to take their loan securities.

In his Défense John Bosco, Rusoke deputy city clerk dismissed the claims and promised to respond formally on the matter.

the committee inspecting one of the Hotel gutted by fire in Rubirizi district

This forced the committee members to summon the city clerk and his boss mayor fort portal before the similar committee at the parliament on Tuesday and give a detailed explanation on these allegations.

To them, this is aimed at solving lockdown-associated problems and strategizing for any other wave of covid 19 that may cause a similar lockdown.

On loans and house rents, the committee pledged to meet the stakeholders in that sector and address the concern.

However, Beatrice Lugalambi general manager of corporate communications centenary bank says they are negotiating well with their clients to pay back their loans at favorable rates.

the committee proceeded to Rubirizi district and witnessed some the Hotels that were burnt to

The committee members have pledged to forward the report of their findings before.



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