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Government is in a move of drafting a bill to regulate Social Media.

By Jimmy Twist


This has been disclosed by the Minister of ICT Chris Baryomunsi during an interface with the parliamentary committee of ICT.

 Appearing before the parliamentary committee of ICT chaired by the Budiope East MP Moses Magogo, the minister of ICT and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi disclosed government plans to enact a law that will regulate social media use. Baryomunsi decried the wide spate of social media abuse in the country which necessitates a strong law.

 Baryomunsi noted that the law is going make it punitive for one to publish illicit content and fake information and also go for those who forward prohibited content.

 He explained that the Computer Misuse Act has not helped to reign on offenders, due to soft penalties and gaps in the law.

 The bill will be drafted and tabled before parliament before the end of this year. 

 The minister disclosed after ICT committee members expressed concerns over increased cases of social media misuse which they blame for the regulation vacuum.

However, some MPs are concerned that the law on social media is a ploy to gag the freedom of speech and expression.

 Members of parliament also slammed the ministry of ICT and UCC for sleeping on the job while media houses operate below the minimum broadcasting standards. They mentioned programs that broadcast illicit content without.

On the eve of the January 14th elections, the government shut down Facebook to curb the much-anticipated post-election violence but up to date, it has not been reopened.



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