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Farmers call the government to inject more into the goat farming project after testing benefits.

By Nuwabine Brian 


The proprietors of Sembeguya Estate Ltd company contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture to implement the Goat Rollout Project have clarified the 7m exotic goats a figure queried by public accounts committee legislators saying farmers across the country have benefited much from these goats.

Dr. Paul Sembeguya the coordinator of Sembeguya Estate says this project was intended to improve the quality and multiplication of goats in Uganda to the extent of serving the international market.

He has shed light that legislators misinterpreted their intention and objective adding that indeed goat farmers who benefited from this project have nothing to regret as these South African exotic goats have managed to improve their breeds which gave a short maturity period compared to the local ones.

Newsfeed managed to speak to some of the beneficiaries from Wakiso and shared their success stories.

Members sitting on the committee of parliament on public accounts chaired by Butambala legislator Muwanga Kivumbi recently faulted ministry of agriculture bosses for contracting Sembeguya estate company which supplied exotic goats from South Africa at a fee of 7.4 a figure which MPs questioned saying it was inflated.



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