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Understanding the Parish Development Model (PDM) Part. 1.

By Jimmy Muhumuza


The What, Why, Who and How?

The Parish Development Model as NDP III Delivery Mechanism

The PDM implementation is aligned to the 5 Strategic Objectives of the NDPIII namely;

  1. Enhance value addition in Key Growth Opportunities.
  2. Strengthen private sector capacity to drive growth and create jobs.
  3. Consolidate & increase stock and quality of Productive Infrastructure.
  4. Enhance productivity and well being of Population.
  5. Strengthen the role of the State in guiding and facilitating development.

16m Ugandans who are in subsistence economy

  • Despite the numerous efforts by both the state and non-state actors, focusing on the 39% (3.5million households) (16.1million Ugandans) are still in the subsistence economy. These represent the most poverty-stricken, landless, vulnerable and unemployed Ugandans.
    • They are trapped in the vicious cycle of “low income, low savings, low investment, low income’’.
    • If not addressed, Uganda is at risk of not achieving its strategic goal of increasing household incomes and the quality of life for all Ugandans as envisaged in NDPIII.
    • The PDM seeks to break this vicious cycle by optimising the use of factors of production and enhancing the productive potential of the households.


  • Its Gou’s last mile strategy for accelerating coordinated, collaborative, participatory and inclusive socioeconomic transformation across the country for service delivery for service delivery by both the State and Non-State Actors
    • The objective is to increase the effectiveness of interaction between GoU and citizens to accelerate the realization of socio-economic transformation – getting Ugandans out of subsistence economy into the monetary economy within 5 years..


The PDM is being implemented through the existing Government structures from National to the Sub-national level of Governance.

  1. National Policy Committee  (NPC) chaired by H.E to coordinate different players (members: Ministers of MoLG, MoFPED, MAAIF, MoTIC, MoWT, MoGLSD, MoICT&NG, MoES, MoH, MoKCCA, MoWE, of General Duties, SG-NRM, NPA Chair, CC OWC, Private Sector & CSOs Reps etc)
  2. The PDM Secretariat will provide support to the NPC and working groups

3. A similar structure will be adopted at the LG levels using local structures and leadership

4.  Detailed M&E framework will be developed by OP, OPM, NPA,OWC and PDM Secretariat


  • Households to be organised/integrated into business-oriented groups built around common income generating activities (Enterprise Groups).
    • Enterprise Groups in the Parish shall come together to form one parish-wide entity called the PDM SACCO. There shall be one PDM SACCO per Parish.
    • The PDM SACCO is a ‘’special type of a cooperative’’ that shall be prescribed and registered by the Registrar of Cooperatives.


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