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Uganda Breweries Limited launches a Digital application to address emergency field supplies.

Joshua Nahamya,


Due to Covid 19 lockdown and other related insurgencies, Uganda breweries limited (UBL), one of the longest-serving alcoholic production companies in Uganda has decided to go digital to serve its esteemed customers.

The app dubbed “DIAGEO ONE” which has already received a warm welcome reception from the central region was unveiled in Mbarara as well over the weekend.

The application allows the bills to operate at maximum without waiting for daily orders to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Andrew Kilonzo, Managing Director Uganda Brweries Limited. Joshua Nahamya

While commissioning the application, Managing Director UBL, Andrew Kilonzo is convinced that the digital trend will transform the product supply in the Ugandan market.

“On behalf of UBL, it gives me great pleasure to launch our e-Platform called Diageo One. It is a platform that we are proud of being launched in this part of Uganda today at Mbarara. Currently it is available to you both on the app stores. It is trefoil designed and you can find it with all our products if you have an i-phone or on Google play like on android, you can download, it is user friendly even people like me who are not dot.com can navigate it” Kilonzo said

He adds that the said app will continue to be developed and delivered using the palm of the hand to perform a multifunctional role to UBL.

Using this app, you will learn more about our products, and various packages for each of those brands and you will be able to participate in promotions and large products that will be running out on a daily basis, the Managing Director tells Depot distributors and wholesalers say the Managing Director UBL

He adds that e-commerce is convenient to purchase the right rates of UBL brands and the right choice of products.

“You just click to the button and press the figure and have it delivered at your convenient location and we don’t miss we will deliver to your door as per what you ordered and above any additional stocks you need can be availed to you”

He says the move to e-commerce is a new consumer behavior tip shifting any market challenges arising from the supply chain thus warning the organization which will fail to go digital will most likely have to struggle.

Depot owners, wholesalers and other UBL customers gather to celebrate and launch Diageo One that will extend services through the application.

“During COVID lockdown, you saw the shift in what people were going through and the e-commerce trend was in the region by then and we emerged from the pandemic and the restriction misfortune has been dropped. We now do it for our own position, protection and I have no doubt that the digital will continue to apply a role in business strategies” Kilonzo said

Ben Mbuvi, Sales Director UBL also confirmed that looking at what covid19 affected the market forced UBL to design a platform that will help to serve its customers in the business.

“The last two years it wasn’t good for us in business because when Covid came there was no movement. We were just operating from our office because there was a curfew and nobody could move but we tended. It disrupted us, people lost money and some begun to close their businesses that they were doing for years” Mbuvi said

Some of the Uganda Breweries Limited employees attending the launch of the delivery app in Mbarara

It was a traditional way of contacting our customers because we would load our products, tour the vehicle and we don’t know who is going to buy, if someone doesn’t buy you continue and when you go to the next customer you don’t even know what the products needed we are just gambling and speculating the market which we are likely to stop using this app, Mbuvi further explained

“But today we are launching a game-changing designed application that will enable Ugandans to talk to us on how they want to be served and we are all conversant that we can be able to build a good industry and serve each of our customers as per your inquiries,” says Mbuvi

Ben Mbuvi, UBL Sales Director.

He says “the same application was launched in Kampala and Gulu, and I can tell you that the majority of our customers and outlets are now ordering many products from our distributors through an application. And while you are in your bedroom, sitting room or watch room, you don’t have to wait for the truck”

“The entire country is going to be covered via Diageo One and we are giving you the freedom, the flexibility, and ultimately the power to decide how you want to be served by UBL at the comfort of your homes and of your businesses,” said Mbuvi

Former MP Kashari north, Yaguma Rutashokwa who also owns a beer depot in Mbarara celebrated the milestone UBL has moved on the Ugandan market to start launching digital platforms to supply its customers with drinks.

“Having a depot for the last 28 years as distributors, we have also graduated to a new company called Diageo paper territory in Mbarara to continue serving our customers. When you started in 1994 to make an order you had to travel to Kampala but today it’s different because you now sit in your office, make an order and the products will come” Yaguma said

Ben Twahirwa, councilor representing workers at Mbarara city, thanked UBL for introducing digitalization in running business apart from employing a bigger population in Mbarara.

Ben Twahirwa-Workers representative in Mbarara City Council who also represented the mayor Mbarara city duirng the unavailing of Daigeo One app in Mbarara over the weekend. Joshua Nahamya

“Thank you because you have done a great work of offering employment to many Ugandans both directly and indirectly and also you have contributed to the development of Mbarara,” Twahirwa said

I want to appreciate the way you have moved on to be innovative and I appeal to you that you should spare time and energy to give more explanations so that people can move and accept change, he added

He however appealed to the managers to motivate and support the junior staff so that they can also learn how to do the company work effectively.



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