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Ibanda University Graduates 731 Students

By Lawrence Mucunguzi

Vice Chancellor Ibanda University Prof Samson James Opolot has applauded the government for prioritizing girl child education which has since started bearing fruits as more girls are graduating with degrees and Diplomas in different fields.

Mr. Opolot who last Friday speaking at the sixth graduation ceremony of Ibanda university at the university grounds in Ibanda municipality when 731 students graduated with Diplomas and degrees in different disciplines and out of these 404 were females and 327 were males, said over the years numbers of female students graduating at the university has increased which portrays government’s efforts in empowering a girl child.

Prof Samson James Opolot and Turyamureba Patric

“It is remarkable that since the 1st graduation, in November 2017, the number of female graduates has out-numbered males. I kindly applaud the Girl power corps. The feminist in me appreciates this Girl power trends and continues to energize me,” he said.

He added “because world over, educating the girl child and more so seeing them through to higher education, and yet again having them leading in numbers at graduation at our university is nothing short of awesome,” 

Mr. Opolot said the government has done its part by ensuring that her people acquire education but it is upon the graduates to use the skills gained from schools to develop the nation.

The University Chancellor Prof Venansius Baryamureeba reminded students to keep focusing on God despite the good grades they get from the university which will help in keeping the morals of Ugandans.

Prof Venansius Baryamureeba and Ms. Jovrine Kalisa Kyomukama (The National Deputy Coordinator Parish Development Model (PDM)

“You have been tested in all subjects while at the university and passed well but you must keep in your minds that God is above all. Do not reach out there and think that the job you have is not big enough for you but respect and do your job well,” he said.

The National Deputy Coordinator Parish Development Model (PDM) Ms. Jovrine Kalisa Kyomukama who was the Chief Guest at the 6th graduation asked graduates to be more creative in solving problems faced by the communities they live with.

 “You need to open your eyes and mind wide to be able to observe all the time needs and challenges of your communities, then you will help to solve them and you should be economically empowered which simply means making money by identifying the problems and finding solutions to them,” she said.

She added “Always remember that people who solve problems are job creators not job seekers, strive to become a job creator because that is what Uganda needs now”



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