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Vanishing Humanity

By Mwongyera Eustakio


Naturally, man is a savage, an imperfect being. His body is fragile, his spirit rebellious and corrupt.

The creation story tells it all. It depicts how weak our body is through eve who is tempted and won by the devil into eating the forbidden fruit. As if that is not enough, Adam also falls victim when he’s trodden down the same road.

The story of Cain and Abel is symbolic of the inhumanity that is born within every human being. The hatred and bitter enmity that exists today emanate from Adams’s sons.

The Israelites on their way to the promised land showed filial ingratitude in the sense that no matter how much Moses tried to lead them, they kept on nagging and hurling insults at him. This though did not stop Moses from helping them. It’s apparent that Moses too knew how imperfect they were. The heart of the matter is that man is naturally hard to control and manage.

The man seems to have evil inherent in him. He profusely needs God’s care and guidance lest things go berserk. We vividly need the power of the holy spirit.

Credit should be given to our forefathers who, having realized and noticed the savagery in man, planted seeds to govern us. Seeds to condone evil and impunity. They planted sound moral norms and values that governed their society. Are such rules still exist in our contemporary society? Whether they exist or not, is the question I am posing to you who are reading this!

A society without sound moral norms and values is like a nation built on sand! Today we have human rights that are simply ceremonial; they do not promote ethics and integrity as would be the case. The human rights and freedom advocated for are just shams and do not contain and address sound moral norms and values!

The traditional way of promoting the above-addressed issue is now dead and gone. It’s no longer existent. Modernity and technological advancement have taken a toll. our lifestyle is now bombarded with pornography, and mass media; Whatsapp, Facebook, tweeter, to mention but a few.

The world of moral values and integrity is slowly vanishing into thin air. It has been replaced with the so-called modernity; the new normal, characterized by corruption, moral erosion, and destruction.

To the parents of today, we are no better than our children. We hardly cultivate the initiative to guide, counsel, and punish our children where need be. 

A man reaps what he does; the imperfection we plant are the wars and riots that are everywhere in the world. Where is the young generation heading? If we don’t change the way we are living and nurturing our children, there is nowhere we are going to sprout the political and religious leaders of tomorrow! 

The time is now. Let’s advocate for positive behavioral change by adopting sound moral norms and values. let us change direction as we say no to moral erosion, especially among our young generation. Conservation of 

Morals and environment are a prerequisite for a peaceful and harmonious world!



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