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Legislators and voters accuse Dr. Tanaga Odoi of disrespect.

By Jimmy Twist


The camp of the winning candidate in the serere by-election has attacked the NRM party Electoral commission chairperson Tanga Odoi for disrespecting Teso region political leaders. 

This follows Tanga Odoi accusing the NRM party vice chairperson in charge of Eastern Region George Mike Mukula of costing the party its victory in serere county by an election that was won by an independent candidate Emmanuel Omoding.

Tanga criticized Mukula for not turning up to welcome the president when he was campaigning for the NRM candidate Philip Oucor.

However, two of the MPS from the Teso subregion including Kasilo county mp Elijah Okupa and Soroti city west mp Jonathan Ebwaru defended Mukula, saying that it was uncultured behavior to decamp the late’s son.

Soroti city west mp Jonathan Ebwaru accused NRM party leaders at the NRM headquarters of being political brokers whose only aim is to have elections across the country so that they earn allowances



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