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OPM in a new Twist goat scandal: Each goat cost shs 800,000.

By Jimmy Muhumuza 


The parliamentary committee on presidential Affairs has kicked off an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of 39 billion for the purchase of iron sheets and goats for the Karamoja subregion.

The investigation was ordered by the speaker of parliament following reports of the diversion of the iron sheets by some ministers.

 The committee started with Karamoja members of parliament and district local leaders who are bitter over this scandal which is making Karimojong poorer.

The group of Karamoja MPS was led by their chairperson Remegio Archia before the committee chaired by Adjuman District woman mp Jesica Ababiku demanded for all persons who took the iron sheets to return them to be delivered to the rightful beneficiaries.

Archia pleaded with the committee to recommend in its report to parliament to have a forensic Audit for the 39 billion shillings to the Karamoja subregion and also find out how the iron sheets ended up in hands of the ministers and other highly profiled government officials.

They told the committee that currently the Karamoja Mps are out of their office and hiding yet they need answers about where their iron sheets went.

Archia said that minister Goretti Kitutu should explain how Karamoja’s iron sheets went to her mother’s house.

He told the committee that all culpable persons in the abuse of Karamoja funds and materials face the law.

The member of parliament for Bokora East Peterkhen Locap wants the committee to investigate and find out why sick goats were delivered to the people by the office of the prime minister through the Karamoja Affairs ministry.

He said that the committee should find out the cost of each goat, adding that it’s not practical for a goat to cost 800,000 shillings when they were procured with the country.



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