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Retired Head Teacher Wins Western NRM Elderly Primaries, Vows to Advocate for Elderly Health Insurance

Retired Head Teacher Wins Western NRM Elderly Primaries, Vows to Advocate for Elderly Health Insurance

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Mr. Joram Ruranga Tibasiimwa, an NRM primary flag bearer has promised to advocate for elders’ health insurance once elected to parliament.

Tibasiimwa, a renowned educationist who retired as a head teacher at Mbarara H/S after 33years of service won NRM primaries on Saturday during the special interest group elections across the country.

The elderly persons’ representation was approved by parliament on Monday 6th July 2020 as a special interest group to have five (5) Parliamentary representatives.

According to Dr. Tang Odoi- the NRM electoral commission chairperson; Joram Tibasimwa polled 215 votes (77.9%), Annah Muhindo 30 (10.9%), Rtd Bishop Masereka Kahangwa Zebedee (South Rwenzori Diocese) 29 votes (10.5% and Priscah Mwesigwa got 2 votes at 0.7%.

Declared Tibasiimwa who could not hide his happiness while addressing journalists at his home in Boma cell Mbarara on Sunday morning, called upon his opponents to support him to advocate for the protection of elders’ property and rights in parliament seat.

“I appeal my opponents, senior citizens and elders to stand behind my candidature to build our movement party and our country Uganda” he says

Tibasiimwa says that he has ascertained a number of challenges faced by older persons that can directly be presented in parliament.

“When I went around I found out that older persons have been subjected to torture and harassment by their daughters and sons who demand part of their property even before their death” he explained

And it is from this background that Tibasimwa has decided to stand as a Member of Parliament representing the older persons from western region.

He however reports that it was not easy for him to transverse in all the 35 districts ganging support from the NRM structured voters.

“It’s hard to allocate voters even the distance to drive from Kilyandongo to Kisoro is not an easy task but finally I have won thanks to all my supporters as we enter into the independent electoral commission elections” Tibasiimwa says

He also says there is a pending a law protecting elders’ property and rights which needs to be pushed once he is voted into parliament.

“While I was a chairman of national council we drafted a law that is offing for the protection of properties and rights of older persons which needs to be pushed further when I am in parliament” he said

Tibasimwa says that older persons need a health insurance for improved access to medical facilities.

“I will advocate for government to establish health insurance for the older persons because these people can’t afford such heavy bills in private clinics” Tibasiimwa says

He adds that government has to construct homes to house vulnerable elders in communities. 

“Government cannot afford to construct a home for each and every elderly person but there are those who are totally vulnerable on streets that government can construct them homes where to be look after” he speaks

During his term in parliament, Tibasimwa wants government to lower the age for social assistance grant for empowerment (SAGE) beneficiaries from 80years to 6oyears.

“I want government to lower the age of the such that those of sixty years can enjoy part of the so that everybody who is sixty years can enjoy part of his effort that they have contributed to this country” says Tibasiimwa

He also wants the SAGE fund be increased to shillings 50.000 per older person in a month.

Who is Tibasiimwa?

Mr. Joram Tibasiimwa Ruranga was born in 1943 in Rubingo, Kitwe, Kyeizooba sub county Bushenyi district in greater Ankole.

He attended Mbarara junior secondary in 1963, went to Ntare School then a bachelor’s in education at Makerere University of East Africa.

He has served as a head teacher in schools like Muntuyera H/S, Ruyonza SS and Mbarara H/S.

Currently Tibasiimwa is the chairperson national council for older persons.



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