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Attorney General wants the court to drop NUP’s Electoral petition.

By Jimmy Twist


Office of the Attorney files a response to NUP’s leader Robert Kyagulanyi’s election Petition seeking court’s orders to annul Museveni’s victory in the polls.

 Attorney General William Byaruhanga has described the petition as bad and barred in law for having been filed out of time.

 Byaruhanga like the Electoral Commission has also led his team to the Supreme Court this evening and said that the remaining response by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni should be expected on Saturday because he was served last.

Byaruhanga denies that security such as UPDF and Police prevented Kyagulanyi from carrying out consultations in preparation for the nomination, and says that Kyagulanyi willfully and deliberately defied the law regulating public meetings and safeguarding public order.

He, therefore, asks the Supreme Court to dismiss Kyagulanyi’s petition with costs and declare that the 14tJanuary/2021 elections were conducted in compliance with the Constitution; and if at all there was any non-compliance, it didn’t substantially affect the results.



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