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Rtd Col. Fred Boycotts NRM Primary Re-election in Nyabushozi

Rtd Col. Fred Boycotts NRM Primary Re-election in Nyabushozi

By Jimmy Twist


By Jimmy Twist

Rtd Col. Fred Mwesigye has boycotted the voting NRM Primary Re-election in Nyabushozi that was organized by NRM electoral commission in 84 villages lasted for tomorrow

Rtd Col Fred Mwesigye who was announced by NRM electoral commission headed by Dr Tang Odoi has boycotted the voting exercise that was announced by the same NRM electral commission that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday this week

Col. Fred Revealed that he has already been given all necessities by the same body of NRM electoral commission and that he has already paid the 3 million nomination fees to URA  as required by the national  electoral commission on accounts of national Electro Commission.

He also added that president Museven had earlier ordered revotting in 26 villages in Nyabushozi where his contender Wilson Kazwengye refused to participate and even for any election to take place it must be scheduled before the period of two weeks which he says was not followed and that he is going to be nominated on Thursday this week.

The NRM party held primaries for flag bearers for members of parliament for 2021 general elections on 4th September 2020 and Rtd Col Fred Mwesigye was declared a winner after winning with difference of 1056 votes based on the Audit

Where Wilson Kazwengye refused the results, claiming that they were altered by the returning officers and later petitioned the president who later ordered a re-election in those affected areas where Kazwengye refused to participate in the elections in 26 villages but instated on 84 villages until yesterday where NRM electoral commission announced voting in 84 villages of Nayabushozi tomorrow which Col Fred has also now boycotted.



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