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Parliamentary Budget Committee Discovers Company Contracted for Working on 5 million Radios with no Capacity.


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MPs sitting on parliamentary Budget committee have today visited the said company (Orion) that contracted to work on 5million radios to help the students to study from home not capable but deals in transformer Mechanic, assembling plastic covers and speaker from China.

According to Hon Charles Ngabirano, one of the committee members revealed to Newsfeed reporter that they found out that the company doesn’t manufacture radios “the company does not have the capacity to work all those radios the manger only told us that they are waiting for the government to give them a tender where they can get money to buy machines for working on those radios and they have four girls working with their hands to assemble speakers”. 

Other members on the committee who interacted with the Manger of Orion company from China asked to see the radios that the company has worked on for the past few weeks but in vain, they only brought two radios with a picture of Uganda Court of the arm that they were made from the factory but the indicators show that they come from China.

The Mp for Butambara Hon Muwanga Kivumbi said that the company manager told them that they have sold out all the radios that they have worked on and currently have only four radios of which he sure that they got them from Kampala after knowing that they were coming to visit the company

The committee members wondered how the factory bypassed all the procedures to convince the ministry of education to give them a multimillion deal of manufacturing 5 million radios in Uganda when it has no machines.

The MPs concluded that they will write a report and give It to parliament concerning what they have discovered.



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