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Ugandans Urged to Take Interest in GIS Data for Economic Development

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The Director of Macroeconomics statistics at Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Ms. Kauda Aliziki Lubega has rallied Ugandans to take interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) because it is on such data that the government plans for the various sector of the economy. She made these remarks on Monday at the Bureau’s headquarters at Statistics House in Kampala while commemorating the World GIS day celebrations under the theme “Map the World, Make a Difference” where she represented UBOS ED Mr. Chris Ndatira Mukiza.

On the role played by UBOS in ensuring that there is proper planning by government ministries, departments, and agencies, Kauda had this to say; “ we have the national statistical system where we coordinate all the ministries, departments and agencies and the local governments altogether. And here we have strategic plans that are aligned to the National Development Plan III that we are implementing starting 2021 to 2025.

So through the statistical plans, we align the programs because right now we are looking at program-based planning other than sector-based. So the bureau gives statistics to make sure there is proper planning. 

She also added that GIS data is very vital in the economic transformation of Uganda in that helps in capturing, displaying, and analyzing location data which is then used for proper planning. She concluded that just like any other government agency, they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic whereby data collection has been hampered but she said that they have embraced the new normal and adjusted accordingly with the times.

Patrick Ojirot; a GIS analyst from KCCA said that the Authority also uses geospatial information to plan for the city, where he cited the precinct development plan for Kololo, Mulago, and Nakasero which helps in guiding development within the city. On the failure of Kampala residents to properly utilize the non-motorized transport systems, he said that the system has not failed but people need to be sensitized about the importance of the NMTs. “it has not failed, it’s functioning. 

What we need to do as a city is to continue to sensitize the people on the purpose of the non-motorized transport route. 

We have already implemented it and it has been constructed at the nd it is on ground. We only need to implore the people to use it for the purpose for which it was constructed,” he said.

The Africa statistics week will run from 16th to 20th November with various activities which include the celebration of the world statistics day today, dissemination of the UBOS clients’ charter and it will climax with a blood donation drive on Friday 21st November on Luwum street in Kampala.



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