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KIRUHURA: Newly Elected MP’s Vows to Sanitize Opposition out of the District within 100 days.

By Devine Atwine

Members of parliament elect in Kiruhura District have vowed to fight and kick all the so-called “mafias” and opposition out of Kiruhura District in their first one hundred (100) days in office without fear or favor.

Kiruhura District has two constituencies of Kashongi and Nyabushozi. Surprisingly all the members of parliament elect, both the direct elect members of parliament and the District woman MP are all new entrants.

These include Wilson Kajwengye, Nyabushozi MP-elect, Tayebwa Herbert, MP-elect Kashongizi while Jovanice Twinobusingye Rwenduru, is the woman MP-elect, Kiruhura District.

Kajwengye and Tayebwa said after swearing-in, they will do whichever possible to win over the other percentage that did not support them as individuals and those that did not support president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the NRM party in the recent general elections.

They made this vow last week while celebrating the highest score (98%) President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni got from Kiruhura District in the recently concluded general elections.

They said it will put more emphasis on the unity of the people of Kiruhura District irrespective of religion, tribe, or income status.

Wilson Kajwengye, NRM MPs follow and implement the same manifesto as that of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the national party chairman. This manifesto to be fulfilled, he said whoever participated or was involved in bringing disorganization and confusion among the electorates especially in Kiruhura District should be out of office before swearing-in.

“I want to appreciate the kind of democracy that we have in Uganda but what people from the NRM secretariat did during the NRM elections proved that we don’t have democracy at all. For that matter therefore, we request the president Yoweri Museveni to empower back the NRM people in constituencies because these are the only people who have the NRM party at heart, others support NRM to earn money and fame”. Kajwengye said.

He added “Secretariate people are arrogant and corrupt because they have much money and power. That’s why without fear, they even brought confusion and disorganization in Kiruhura District, the first District. During primaries, the battle between me and Fred Mwesigye, the incumbent MP, Nyabushozi ashamed Kiruhura a lot and remember all the confusion was brought by the secretariate”.

According to Tayebwa Herbert, most opposition people got votes in Kiruhura and other parts of the country not because they had support but because of anger that was brought by NRM secretariat people among the NRM supporters.

Tayebwa said that as the members of parliament from Kiruhura District they will not sit down. With the combined effort from three members of parliament representing Kiruhura District, they will not allow mafias and opposition to penetrate the first District because of mistakes that were caused by enemies of the party and the country at large.

Tayebwa Herbert MP Elect Kashongi county

He said they want to fight all mafias and opposition that are already entered into the District because they have to protect the dignity of Kiruhura District, as the First District. In the 2026 elections, he said they want president Museveni to get 100 percent.

They want whoever makes mistakes to be punished accordingly either by law or administratively according to the NRM constitution.

However, on how possible they will implement this, Jovanice Twinobusingye Rwenduru, the woman MP-elect, Kiruhura District revealed that they will sensitize and empower the public with skills to help them improve on their ways of living.

She said they want to make Kiruhura label by skilling and empowering people with enough skills to produce items that they have always bought from the market, items that take their money.

She added, “We want other people to buy from us”.

Kajwengye promised that with his fellow MPs, they want to build agricultural technical schools in two constituencies of Nyabushozi and Kashongi. According to Kajwengye, this will empower people with enough skills in poultry, piggery, and in other ventures where they can always earn money.

Besides building agricultural technical schools, Kajwengye said, in Kiruhura especially in Nyabushozi they have many model farmers, So, we will support them and in the end, they use them as models and champions at the parish level.  

On the issue of water. MPs said they will concentrate on the wide range and penetration of tap water into the District.

Kajwengye noted that they will emphasize two major things; water for production, irrigation, animals, and then human life.

Kjwengye added “This water first and foremost a lot of them are found in dams, so, we are going to clean, desilt, fence and secure their piece of land of the existing ones. Where however dams are not present, we shall make sure we look for money and we dig more communal dams or make machines available for people who have the capacity to dig themselves communal dams”



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