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Opposition Shadow Cabinet mps Calls for Resumption of Parliament.

By Jimmy Twist


A section of members of the shadow cabinet are calling for the resumption of parliament sittings to give their input on the COVID-19 interventions being implemented by the government.

This comes after the Cabinet this week approved a Covid relief fund of 100,000 shillings for a section of vulnerable people in cities and municipalities across the country.

The shadow ministers led by the shadow minister of information and anti-corruption Joyce Bagala says that a number of sectors like arts, sports, schools among others have been left out yet they also need relief.

Bagala wants the government to come up with a time table to vaccinate Ugandans and wants elected leaders to be involved in the process of identifying the beneficiaries.

The Shadow minister for East African affairs who is the KIlak south mp Gilbert Olanya says that there is need to recall parliament as he fears government might go astray with some of the policies if they are implemented without parliament’s intervention.

The minister for Youth and children affairs who is also the Kassanda South mp Frank Kabuye says that the youth who are the majority are the ones who are greatly affected with the lockdown and wants the government to allow those without national identity cards to register for the relief.



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