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Farmers Decry the loss of Cattle as Fake FMD Vaccines Dominate Market.


By Devine Atwine

Cattle farmers in the Districts of Kiruhura and Lyantonde are counting losses over the death of their cattle as a result of using fake Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine.

Through the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries, farmers demand the Government with immediate intervention to stop the use of FDM vaccine imported from Kenya which they say is fake and it is the one killing their cattle.

According to Kashagure Salongo a farmer from Kancebebe in Kashagama Sub County, Lyantode District in only one week after vaccinating his cattle against Foot and Mouth Disease, he lost five cows consecutively; others are seriously in poor health conditions.

He said “We are losing our heritage because of bad hearted people who are hiding themselves in the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries who brought us fake FMD vaccine from Kenya. For many years roughly since 2005, we have been using vaccines from Botswana, white in color and it was 99% efficient .We would vaccinate and our cows remain healthy but the Government stopped it with an intention that we don’t know, and what they recommended is now killing our cattle”.

He added, “we request the Government to act before we lose all of our cattle in using fake Vaccine”.

Wakaami Eliya also a farmer from Kancebebe said he vaccinated all of his cows but surprisingly immediately after vaccination, all of his cattle got sick and are unwell. Many of the cows that were pregnant aborted.

He said, “since the outbreak of FDM in Districts of western cattle corridor Lyantonde inclusive, this has never happened to the farmers which strongly confirm that we vaccinated using fake vaccines brought to us by our own Government”.

He added “What is annoying us is that the Government brought us fake Vaccinate and Veterinary Doctors who vaccinated our cows are also Government workers. We are worried and we fear that may end up losing all our cattle because we don’t know the hidden intention of the Government of stopping the vaccine from Botswana which was effective and then they brought us that of Kenya which fake”. Wakaami said.

Bagabo Yosia, the Chairperson of Kabula Farmers Society, Lyantonde District, and a farmer said most of the farmers including him are losing their cows because they used fake FMD vaccine.

According to him, (Bagabo) most affected farmers are from ranch number 10 and 5 then ranch number 11, 6, 5, and other areas.

However, According to the Veterinary Department in Kiruhura District, more than one hundred cows have already been reported dead since the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Kakye Fred, Chairman LC3 Kinoni Subcounty said over 50 cows were reported dead mostly the calves and the rate of cattle abortions are also too high due to the effect of the FMD vaccine.

In Rushere town council, over 24 cows were reported dead, Kikatsi Sub-county 17cows according to King Martin Kyayawanga, Mayor, Rushere town council and Rutangana Lauben, chairman LC3 Kashongi respectively.

Kiiza Steven a farmer called upon the Government to either look for other options of treating their cattle most probably by looking for another efficient vaccine or they look for themselves because after all are the one who is losing their cattle not Government



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