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CEC. Member Baryomunsi launches 23 Billion USMID Roads.

By Devine Atwine,


Dr. Baryomunsi Chris, former state minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, and Mbarara City authorities have launched the Ugx 23 billion roads in Mbarara city.

The roads include Major Victor Bwana 0.95Km, Galt road 0.63 Km, and Stanley road 0.78Km and will cost Ugx 23 Billion. 

According to Dr. Baryomunsi, the roads launched are under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USAID) program, funded by the World bank.

The initial works on the roads will start next week and it will take only 12 months, according to Moses Bbosa, the Director Multiplex Construction Ltd, a company which has the tender to work on these roads.

“The roads will have walkways in order to cater for all road users in the urban centre. The roads will also have solar lights so as to cater for the safety of the people who walk at night and to reduce crimes that may crop up in the urban centre especially during night hours”. Bbosa explained.

According to Tibihika Theophilus, the City Clerk, Mbarara City is located in the western part of Uganda, the area covered is 422.09 Square kilometers (sq. Km) and it has a population of 195013 people.

During the launch, Dr. Baryomunsi warned the contractor to avoid unnecessary extension of the contract period and shoddy work which he says, backslides Development.

“Peoples’ and our expectations as the Government are very high, so we want a contractor who is serious and ready to deliver accordingly. In Mbarara City, we expect good results, we don’t want to see the scenario whereby a contract of 12 months ends up taking two years”. Dr. Baryomunsi said.

He said, “You cannot achieve the middle-income status when infrastructure, especially roads in urban centres are poor because roads play a big role when it comes to urban Development”.

Baryomunsi asked the Mbarara City Authorities especially the city clerk and the mayor not to allow unplanned structures such as buildings on these USMID roads because they will slay the beautification of the City.

According to Baryomunsi, the USMID program is also in other cities and municipalities. In Western Uganda, it is also in Kabale, Ntungamo municipalities.

According to Tibihika, the overall Mbarara City roads network is 500km, out of this,41km are tarmac and most of them are located in the city business district.

“This is the 3rd phase of Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USAID) program in Mbarara City. In the first phase, USMID worked on roads such as Akiiki Nyabongo, Bulimba, Mcalister, and Constantino Robo road. The second phase worked on roads such as Bucunku, Bishopwills, Mbaguta, and Makhnisigh roads’ ‘. Tibihika said.

Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the City mayor warned politicians who at times sabotage the work of contractors which he said that this time, he will not tolerate such kind of behavior in his city.

 Lt Col James Mwesigye, the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) also warned the technocrats over corruption tendencies especially in procurement and works departments which he says is one of the reasons most of the roads are shoddy.

He said, “this time, I want to monitor these roads myself. You beat me technically; I beat you politically because I am the representative of the president and no one is beyond the president”.



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