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FDC and NUP Party leaders Plan to Rebuild Their Parties Against Museveni Ideologies.

By Nakitende Barbra


The leadership of opposition parties FDC and NUP say they will remain strong and focused on building their political parties and ignore attempts by President Yoweri Museveni to disrupt them through talking to some of the party leaders or members.

While addressing parliament yesterday, Museveni said that he had already initiated talks with some of the leaders of these parties to work with them.

FDC Part president Patric Amuriat

This has been viewed by FDC leader Patrick Amuriat Oboi who says that it’s an attempt to disrupt efforts that would make FDC stronger and that this will not be a threat to the party

On his part, the vice president of NUP in charge of the Buganda region Mathias Mpuuga says that they cannot stop individual party members from talking to Mr. Museveni but asserts that as party leadership, they can only engage in talks that seek to resolve national challenges.



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