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President Museveni Faulted 10th Parliament for Delayed procurement of Covid 19 Vaccines.

By Jimmy Muhumuza


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has faulted the 10th parliament for delayed procurement of covid-19 vaccine in time to vaccinate many Ugandans.

The Government chief whip Thomas Tayebwa while meeting with the NRM members of parliament who are chairpersons of some parliamentary committees said that the committee chairperson should be up to the task of performing their duties to avoid causing a crisis in the management of government by delaying urgent issues which need quick interventions to avert any crisis.

 He reported to the meeting that the president complained to him that the Budget Committee in the 10th parliament delayed approving funds to buy the covid-19 vaccine from India and by the time the money approved Serum Institute of India manufacturers of Vaccines had faced a crisis and winding up.

Tayebwa warned that he will not hesitate to remove nonperforming chairpersons of the committee from leadership



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