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Kyandodo East Mp. Muwada Urges Government to Help Ugandans Stuck in Arab Countries.

By Joel Mukasa,


kyandodo East Member of Parliament Muwada Nkuyinji has urged government to find alternative avenues through which Ugandan that were taken abroad by companies who licenses were revoked can seek assistance.

It should be remembered that on Monday, the government through the ministry of internal affairs and the ministry of gender labour and social development announced the suspension of eight external labor recruitment agencies citing forgeries and other abuses such as trafficking and extortion.

Some of the affected companies had their licenses terminated after expiry and over forged documents while two others were suspended for illegally charging prospective recruits without securing jobs for them while others were punished for engaging in trafficking and other offences.

Muwada  Nkuyinji says that most of the diplomatic missions are either closed or their staff are not around saying that workers who were recruited by the suspended companies cannot be helped.

He says that most of the labor recruitment companies confiscate the travel documents or  passports of the people they take abroad which he says is going to leave many Ugandans stranded abroad and would like the government to come up with avenues where they can take their complaints and be assisted by the government.



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