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Parliament’s Appointment Committee has in a Turn of Events Approved the Appointment of Alice Kaboyo.

By Jimmy Twist


Last month, the committee rejected her appointment over integrity and corruption issues.

Kaboyo was co-accused with three former Health Ministers Jim Muhwezi, his deputies Mike Mukula and Dr. Alex Kamugisha were sentenced to a fine of Shs20 million or serve eight years in prison. She chose to pay the Shs20 million fines.

Court learned that out of the Shs524 million was advanced to Kaboyo to prepare advocacy conferences, she had already refunded Shs 250 million. According to court records, Kaboyo was advanced the GAVI funds after she had resigned from her post.

While appearing before the committee chaired by Deputy Speaker Anita Among last month, Kaboyo failed to have her appointment approved.

The Anti- Corruption Act prohibits someone to serve in a public office for 10 years upon conviction. 

This is the provision that the committee based on to reject Kaboyo’s appointment as Minister during the first vetting.

However, sources say that the President returned her name to Parliament for approval saying that Kaboyo cannot be given a double punishment because she served her sentence and also returned the money.

Today Kaboyo appeared on the Parliaments committee chaired by Deputy Speaker Annet Anita Among to be re-approved.

 However, Sources within the committee have said that 22 NRM MPs voted in favor of her, and 4 opposition MPs rejected her appointment basing on the earlier position.

The committee has also approved Muruuli Mukasa for the Minister of Public Service and John Mulimba Minister of State for Regional Affairs. 

The two have been vetted via a zoom meeting.



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