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Parliament has approved the 21.2 billion shillings meant to settle the outstanding claim by the Church of Uganda.

By Jimmy Muhumuza


The 21.2 billion shillings were part of the 3.8 trillion supplementary budget request but the claim was rejected by parliament.

It should be recalled that in November, the Parliament following the recommendation of the Budget Committee rejected the proposal by the Ministry of Lands, to give Church of Uganda 21.25 billion shillings as payment for compensation to the Anglican Church for the land at Entebbe and currently occupied by Government facilities including Headquarters of Civil Aviation Authority and the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Parliament’s Budget Committee yesterday overturned its earlier decision to reject the claim saying that the claim had at first been requested under the ministry of lands which had disowned the claim but they later were informed it is under the Uganda Land Commission.

The minister of state for general duties at the ministry of finance Henry Musasizi has re-tabled the request and has been approved



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