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Trade Committee Moots For Consumer Protection law.

By Jimmy Muhumuza.


The parliamentary committee on trade is mooting a consumer protection law which will shield Ugandans from exorbitant pricing and unsafe products on the market.

The move has been announced by the committee Chairperson, Mwine Mpaka, and other members of the committee in a press conference held at Parliament, saying that the consumer protection law is their first business in 2022.

Putting aside the COVID-19 restrictions that ravaged the economy in 2021, the skyrocketing fuel prices took another toll, triggering price increments for other commodities on the market. As 2022 begins, the parliamentary committee on trade and tourism has started working on a bill to protect consumers entitled “The Consumer Protection Bill, 2022” that will protect Ugandans from exploitation.

Buhweju county Mp Hon Mwijukye Francis revealed that last year a lot of fake condoms were used by Ugandans and the victims died silently because of the lack of suck law to help Ugandans.

The government has been reactive in bringing up this low and a lot of fake products like condoms hit the market. When the users get problems, they have no where to run because we don’t have the low in place to help them. So we, as a committee, are coming up with the low to help Ugandans.

According to the committee chairperson, Mwine Mpaka, the bill seeks to establish a board that approves prices of goods and services before they are put on the market. It will be mandatory for every player to submit their prices for approval, and those who are saying that the bill will chase away investors are lying.

MPs also want to use this law to ensure the quality and safety of foods and beverages on the market to shield consumers from concoctions that are escalating cardiovascular diseases.

Mpaka, who represents Mbarara City Division South, explained that the transport sector is also a major target for this piece of legislation as it seeks to address fluctuations in transport fares.



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