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 Gen Takirwa advised junior officers on discipline, patience & commitment.

Joshua Nahamya

The newly appointed Deputy Commander of land forces Maj Gen Francis Takirwa has encouraged junior officers to observe three elements in life if they are to succeed in the forces.

While handing over his office to the commander in charge of the 2nd division Makenke, Takirwa challenged the lower cadre officers to focus on discipline; patience, and commitment if they are to achieve senior positions in the army.

He said they should be disciplined, and patient and listen to orders to enable everybody to see them fit for promotions.

“To the juniors I have only DPC (discipline, patience and commitment). Once you use those three elements in life, whether you are a civilian or whether you are a doctor you will always get there”. Said Takirwa

The deputy commander and land forces also appealed to his comrades to keep their bodies healthy from diseases.

“The only other thing that I can add on is being healthy because you can be disciplined; patient and committed but when you are sick it will not help you”

Throughout his tenure in the forces, Takirwa is obliged to have served mostly in the land forces positions.

“Coming to the apex of the land forces’ leadership, I don’t think it will be new because I have been a member of the land forces from the time I joined the army. Even though all my deployments have been related to land operations I have never gone to air force reserves.

“It is a very good field because you learn the basics of life even at the rank of a Maj Gen you can cook for yourself because you must be flexible and once you learn to adjust to any condition then it becomes easier for you to serve in the army” Takirwa explained

The land forces operations normally support the civilian leadership in cases associated with calamities.

“We have that obligation to support the civil authorities whenever there is need, like for those hit by landslides and floods”. He said

According to Takirwa, the growing concern which needs immediate attention as he assumes the new leadership position is to crack down on several civilians who possess the army uniform to terrorize the public, especially at night.

“Recently there has been a very big problem of uncontrolled army uniforms as a result of our soldiers who desert and some of them who go with uniform stay in the villages start disturbing the local people. And there has been a requirement this time, that all those who would be found they should be charged because there was a grace period given which I think expired”

“There was also another issue of the army jackets in civilian vehicles, here in Mbarara I had given a directive and I requested the police to help us. Crime should remain in small criminals, not very many who are using our attire that one we shall not allow”.

A battle-hardened commander, Takirwa has 2019 been serving as commander of the UPDF’s Second Division in Makenke Mbarara. He has been replaced by Maj Gen Bob Ogiki to command the 2nd Division Makenke barracks.

Takirwa has served in different leadership roles in the military, including a tour in Somalia, as part of the UPDF contingent to AMISOM, from 2011 until 2012. He also served as an army representative in the 10th Parliament (2016 – 2021).



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