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Bishop Sheldon alerts the community to invest in girls’ education.

By Lawrence Mucunguzi


The Bishop of Ankole diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa has cautioned the population to invest in the education of young people, especially girls, calling it the only way to ensure sustainable homes and communities.

The Bishop hailed the role of the Anglican Church in transforming lives, especially through the establishment of schools such as Kibubura Girls’ Secondary School in the Ibanda district.

“I believe in the saying that when you educate a child, you educate the nation, and it is the way to go,” Bishop Mwesigwa stressed.

The Bishop made the remarks on Sunday while officiating the homecoming ceremony of Kibububra Old Girls Association (KIOGA) members at the school premises in Ibanda municipality. The two-day event involved campfire and bull roasting; counseling and guidance sessions for the current students; games and sports; prayer and worship sessions, among others. The event was also attended by the old teachers of the school and other key stakeholders of the school.

Old girls during a prayer service at school.

Mwesigwa (Ph.D.), was a teacher at Kibubura (1985 to 1987); a deputy head-teacher, chaplain, and teacher of English Language and General Papers (1990 to 1994). Currently, he is Bishop of Ankole Diocese and patron of the Old Girls Association.

He congratulated the school on the tremendous infrastructural developments that have since taken place in the four decades since its inception.

“The school’s journey in its 40-year-old history has been notable.” “I therefore thank the parents for the sacrifices they have put forth to educate their girls,” he said.

Sustaining the school image 

Betty Komujuni the current chairperson of KIOGA and the coordinator of the alumni at Kibubura Girls, expressed their commitment to the efforts of maintaining the brand of their schools.

The alumni announced their resolve during their reunion of the Kibubura Girls’ Old Girls’ Association (KIOGA), held at Kibubura Girls SS in the Ibanda district on Saturday.

Some of the old girls of the schools during the home coming function at schools over the weekend.

“We are committed to seeing that our old school continues shining both academically and in the holistic upbringing of the girl child,” said Komujuni, an old girl who also works with the Vision group.

“The school has been doing well academically and in shaping the girl child. Many parents entrust their children with the school because of the level of discipline and guidance provided to the students, “she added.

Komujuni handed over a package of assorted items that had been mobilized by the old girls to support and aid the girls at school and the students in their academics. The items included books, pens, and sanitary pads.

Amanya Celia, the headmistress of the school who is also an alumna of the school, said they will continue to mobilize old girls of the school to come and inspire the students to develop a positive attitude towards education.

“The school has metamorphosed from a humble school in 1981 to an institution with vibrant, courageous ladies whose impact is felt in Uganda and across the world.” We shall continue to encourage them to spare time to come and motivate the current students,” she noted.

School History

The school was gazetted as an ordinary level boarding school by the then education minister, Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok, on June 15, 1981.

The old girls with bishop Sheldon on during a home coming event on Sunday.

The name Kibubura was given to the school in memory of Julia Kibubura. She was the first woman in Uganda to take up a political leadership position as Gombolola (Sub County) chief during the time of Galt, a colonial administrator, who died in 1905 at the hands of Rutaraka, a native of the Ibanda District.

The prominent alumni

The school is famous for producing prominent women who have contributed immensely to the development of the country. They include, among others, Jovrine Kaliisa, the deputy coordinator and woman MP for Ibanda District; Hon. Jennipher Muhesi, the woman MP for Kazo district;

Others are Hon. Margaret Rwebyambu, Mbarara district Woman Mp; Col. Edith Nakalema the former head of the State House anti-corruption Unit, Grace Kansiime, special presidential assistant projects; Craven Barigye, principal legal officer, NWSC; and Teopista Twembi, Commissioner, Human Rights Commission.



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