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IGG Interrogates MP Kagabo Over Bribery.

By Jimmy Twist.


The Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo, has been sent to the parliamentary committee on rules, discipline, and privileges for threatening the integrity of parliament after the legislator returned 40 million shillings which he allegedly received from the Speaker under unclear circumstances.

Kagabo, who showed up at parliament with cash of 40 million, has been interrogated by the IGG and made to record a statement over corruption.

Bukoto South MP Dr. Twaha Kagabo has today returned the controversial Shs 40 million which MPs allegedly received in June under unclear circumstances after approval of the Shs 618 billion supplementary budget. With his briefcase containing bundles of cash, Kagabo walked into a shadow cabinet meeting chaired by the Leader of the Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, and explained why he had decided to return the money.

However, it wasn’t easy for the legislator as the leader of the opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, grilled him on how he got the money and where he got it from.

On the source of the money, Dr. Kagabo claimed that he picked up the money from the residence of the Speaker of Parliament.

But Mpuuga rejected receiving the money and instead asked the legislator to take it back to the speaker’s residence, where he allegedly picked it up.

However, before he could take the money back to the speaker’s residence, Kagabo was arrested by parliament police and taken to the Inspector General of Government, where he is being investigated on corruption allegations.

During today’s parliamentary sitting, the speaker of parliament, Anita Among, referred MP Kagabo to the Parliament’s committee on Rules, Privileges, and Discipline for allegedly threatening the integrity of the August House.

Kagabo has been released on bond this evening after being interrogated by the IGG over corruption. He has recorded a statement and is required to return to the IGG’s office tomorrow for further inquiries.

It is from this that Mpuuga decided to avail the legislator with his security detail to escort him as he takes back the money to the speaker’s residence where he alleges to have picked the money.

Mpuuga has meanwhile commended Dr. Twaha for the brevity he has portrayed today saying it is the spirit that all members ought to have.

It should be recalled that parliament distanced itself from the same cash and in a June 15th letter, the parliament’s director of communication and public affairs Chris Obore said the allegations were a deliberate and persistent smear campaign aimed at tarnishing the image and the leadership of parliament.



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