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UN celebrates the 77th Anniversary in Mbarara, youth challenge to contemplate its goals in schools

Joshua Nahamya,

Youths in Mbarara city have challenged the United Nations (UN) to incorporate sustainable development goals in schools to create a greater impact on communities in Uganda.

The remarks were made during an auspicious occasion to celebrate 77 years of milestones that the United Nations has moved since.

The theme for UN Day 2022 was celebrated under the theme “Accelerating the Achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” aiming to raise awareness about the activities of the United Nations, the SDGs, and their complementary to achieving Uganda’s national priorities enshrined in the third National Development Plan (NDP III) and Vision 2040.

Part of the fertiliser made by students in Mbarara

Lillian Asingya, a member of the Uganda youth coalition for Sustainable development goals, also a student of Mbarara university of science and technology, appealed to the UN to incorporate sustainable development goals in academia to transform local and urban communities.

“A lot has been done but if we can incorporate these goals in schools, students taught how they can be achieved, people will have better ideas because students will go back and inform their parents about the taught goals,” Asingya said

She added that “Even at a university level if lecturers and teachers are all involved, everyone is going to know how important these goals are and see how best to achieve them”.

Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, Mayor of Mbarara city also challenged the UN to consider neighboring districts while supporting refugee communities.

“Much as you have supported refugee communities, you need also to extend certain projects to regional cities such as corporate social responsibility. Like the influx of street kids in Mbarara is a result of neighbouring refugee hosting communities where we should also be considered” Kakyebezi said

Minister Justine Kasule Lumumba, Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi and UN regional coordinator Susan Ngongi Namondo excited by art craft done by women in the communities. Joshua Nahamya

Hon Kasule Lumumba, Minister for General Duties representing the chief guest Premiere Robinah Nebanja, also encouraged the UN to continue supporting the government for 7 left to achieve the 2030 middle-income status.

“We acknowledge that there are a number of challenges affecting efforts to accelerate the achievements of the SDGs, therefore we must continually go back to the drawing board and kindly reassess our efforts. So we pledge to continue working with the UN and UN agencies to make sure together we achieve the agenda 2030” Lumumba explained

“Let us focus on continuing in the decade of action with knowledge transfer and spill over that will spar innovation, business opportunities and growth for all leaving nobody behind. We must also build and develop institutions at all levels including the smallest unit as opposed to simply delivering time bound interventions (emergency cases)”. She added

The minister also appealed to all government officials to join a consolidated effort in fighting corruption which has challenged most projects and programs from taking off in the country.

“As a government, we remain committed in ensuring that we keep improving and enforcement of the laws especially on issues to fight corruption because that’s also another impediment that we are faced with as a country to achieve the agenda 2030,” Lumumba said

Some of the youths presenting the skill development supported by UN in refugee communities. Joshua Nahamya

Susan Ngongi Namondo, UN Resident Coordinator in Uganda said “Through the cooperation Framework (2021-2025), the UN continues to support the government and the people of Uganda towards achieving the results and aspirations of NDP III, 2030 Agenda and Vision 2040.

“On behalf of the United Nations, I pledge our continuous support to the government and the people of Uganda” Namondo emphasized

On his part, The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres noted “As we mark UN Day, let us renew our hope and conviction in what humanity can achieve when we work as one, in global solidarity”.

He called upon other officials to give peace a chance and end conflicts that jeopardize lives, futures, and global progress, and restore hope in the United Nations.

As I conclude, I would like to re-echo the UN Secretary-General’s call for all of us to work together to end extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, and rescue the Sustainable Development Goals, says Namondo

He calls upon us to give peace a chance and end conflicts that jeopardize lives, futures, and global progress. He calls on us to have hope in the United Nations.

“I call upon us to take a moment and reflect upon these words. Let us look within ourselves and make a commitment to ourselves to champion global solidarity”. Namondo said

The United Nations was founded on the 24th of October 1945 and committed to human progress, preservation of the environment, and navigating the difficult path from conflict to peace. Currently, it is made up of 193 Member States uniquely positioned to address and solve global issues.

The 17 UN sustainable development goals include; Fighting poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, and gender equality, among others aimed at transforming the world and ending poverty.



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